On the Publishing Front…

On the publishing front, 2014 is opening up as a fantastic year of exposure for Patricia.  Since being published in the “International Contemporary Artists, Vol VII” in November 2013 she has since been approached by two major art publishing houses in both Italy and the UK:

  • EA Editore, Italy will be featuring Patricia in their Effetto Art Magazine for both the 1e Biennale della Creativitá  Art Expo in Verona (February 2014) and Leonardo incontra Cavona Exhibition in Rome (April 2014).
  • EA Editore, Italy will also be releasing a new curator’s catalogue titled “Le Vibrazioni del Colore” written by Prof Paolo Levi in which Patricia, along with other artists, will be featured.  This new book will be launched in Rome at the Leonardo incontra Canova Exhibition in the Galleria L’Agostiniana, Rome this coming April and at the same time it will also be launched in the world major Art Expo in New York City.
  • EA Editore, Italy will also be releasing a new curator/collectors catalogue titled “The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, 2014″ written by Dott Salvatore Russo and Dott Francesco Saverio Russo.  Patricia will be featured on prestigious page 3 in full colour complete with a one page write up. Launch of this book will take place at the opening of the Leonardo incontra Canova Exhibition in Rome (April 2014)
  • EA Editore, Italy Art Committee has short listed Patricia for  the Trinacria Art Prize. Exhibition 1 March – 31 March 2014 in Sicily, winners of the prizes to be announced 15 March 2014.  Participation and results will be published in Effetto Art Magazine.
  • EA Editore, Italy Grandi dell’Arte: Patricia has been selected for appraisal and sale of her art works in TV – Canali SKY 871, LA4 Italia, Digitale Terreste 129).  Consider this sale like a Christie’s auction on TV.
  • Hidden Treasure Art Magazine, UK also noticed Patricia and selected her to be included in their “Hidden Art Magazine Year Book, Volume II, 2014″ with distribution to over 600 galleries throughout the UK and another 450 galleries in Europe.  The editorial is now in at the design stage. Soon it will be finalised and progressed for publishing. Publishing and distribution dates to be confirmed.

Yes, 2014 is opening up as an exciting year of exposure and opportunities for Patricia.