Latest news from Italy

Recently returned from her trip to Rome Italy for the opening of “Leonardo incontra Canova”  Patricia has returned having received 5 art awards proclaiming her excellence in painting and her unique stylistic painting style.  She was quite surprised as she had not expected it.  Photos of her trip and her awards will be posted on this website shortly.

In addition to the awards, Patricia has been published in Effetto Art Magazine for 4 consecutive months with an addition 4 months to come, the publication Le Vibrazioni del Colore where Professor Paolo Levi wrote an amazing critic of one of her pieces titled: Surreal Garden, and of course in the prestigious catalogue  “The Best of Modern and Contemporary Artists, 2014″.

Earlier this week she was selected to receive another award for the Cavalieri di Malta and with that she will be exhibiting one of her paintings in Malta in July.

Later in May Hidden Treasure Year Book 2014 willl be published in London in which Patricia will be featured in a one page full colour presentation.

Yes, 2014 is a dream come to true to this self taught natural talent.  A simple with a love of art of a true artist. So keep watching, for there is more to come this year.