Patricia has been published in the following publications:

  • EA Editore – 1e Biennale ArtExpo Verona, Italy:

In Italian see:
In English see:

  • EA Editore – Effetto Arte (Italy):  Will have details when Patricia returns from Rome Italy near the end of April
  • EA Editore – Effetto Arte Magazine (Italy):  Patricia has been published in every edition so far this and is lined up for the Sept/Oct edition featuring ArtShow in the Louvre in Paris, Nov/Dec for the Premio Catania
  • EA Editore – Le Vibrazioni del colore (Italy):  Ditto
  • EA Editore – I Grandi dell’Arte (Masters of Art) (Effetto Arte Collection) 2014
  • Hidden Treasure Art Magazine (UK): Hidden Art Year Book Volume 2, 2014.
  • EA Editore – The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, 2014 (Italy): Printed. Patricia to collect her copies in Rome personally.
  • Artisti, by Vittorio Sgarbi (to be published early 2015)
  • Protagonisti by Prof Levi
  • Catalogue:  Artisti Internazionali al Lourvre (October 2014)
  • Effetto Arte:  Arte Padova 2014OverArt: Premio Padova November 2014
  • Jose Van Roy Dali:  Artista nella Storia (to be publised early 2015)
  • Biennale Palermo (January 2015): Effetto Arte Magazine (November/December 2014), Catalogo Ufficiale della Biennale Internazionale di Palermo (January 2015)
  • EA Editore:  Eccelenze – Sguardi sulla pittura, curato da Prof Paolo Levi (January 2015)
  • Artista della Storia (February 2015) curated exclusively by Jose Van Roy Dali (Salvator Dali’s son)
  • RomArt (May 2015) – Official Event Cataloge
  • EA Editore (Effetto Arte May): Art Taormina full page publication.
  • EA Editore (Effetto arte June):  Da Caravaggio ai nostri giorni full colour page publication
  • OverArt Grandi Maestri June 2015 – full page critique and recognition of awards so far received and continued exhibition activities in the past two years.
  • EA Editore (Effetto Arte October):  I’Isola che c’e Art Showcase – full colour page publication
  • Associazione Culturale:  Peter Paul Reubens Prize Exhibition catalogue